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The GEWA G9 Digital Drum Workstation opens a new chapter for the digital drums sector. Digital USB/PC interface, recording tool, patch bay, mixer, E-Drum brain, touch panel, MP3 player, PDF reader, and multi-effects device all in one. This module goes further than anything that was possible before. Our international specialist team of drummers, sound technicians, electronic engineers, hardware and software engineers, programmers and designers have created a groundbreaking new category of instrument. This workstation that can be integrated into any conceivable audio environment and it has further signal processing on board. Operated via an interactive 10" direct touch interface. The drums and cymbals faithfully reconstruct the natural feel of acoustic instruments in the most accurate way.

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More than 3 years ago GEWA music and its close partners DW Drums and Dream decided to break into the existing world of digital drums and change it for better. GEWA and its partners TechniSat and Dream took over the responsibility for digital components, software and sensor technology, Drum Workshop focused on the development of specially designed DWe hardware, racks and contribute high definition sampled sounds. Bringing together everyones deep knowledge and a vein of folly, we have developed a bunch of new and exciting digital drum products, where the original vision is getting reality: Drum Workstation G9




Equipped with the G9 Workstation, heavy duty DWe - Rack and a full set of GEWA Shells, this E-Drum is designed for the drummer with highest demands. 14" Hi-Hats and Crashes as well as an 18" Ride round off its grown up appearance. This model is the flagship of the Line.
Available in High Gloss Walnut Burst and Carbon Ply.


G9 Workstation
4 Toms with one Sectional Hoop Guard (10/5", 2 x 12/5", 14/5" Tom Shells)
 14" x 5 " Snare Shell with two sectional Hoop Guards
18" x 14" Bass Drum Shell with Riser, 14" Hi-hats with Controller and custom Hi-hat Clutch that prevents spinning
 2" x 14" Crash
1" x 18" Ride
DWe Single Pedal
Snare Stand & Hi-Hat
Rack: Heavy duty DWe Wing Rack holds 3 Cymbals
4 Toms and Workstation (including Memory Clamps)




For more than a decade we are used to a wireless environment. In our everyday life we are able to get the latest Apps and Music via online application- and music stores within seconds on our Smartphones. With the G9 we introduce this technology to the world of digital drums. Due to its remarkable expanded connectivity you have direct access to our GEWA Electronics cloud where you can download sounds which expand your G9 Sound library




The heart and soul of our Drums is the G9 workstation; far more than a regular drum module. It is a groundbreaking new development, combining multiple devices. With its 10“ direct touch interface (DTI), the 128 GB Memory, plus additional 4 GB Flash memory and its unique multi chip architecture it is the most advanced digital drum module yet. Beyond digital drums is more than just a slogan, it describes perfectly what we have done.




Technical Data


40 Preset + unlimited User Presets
more than 400

Effect Types
Pad Compressor: 3-band full parametric EQ for each Pad
Output Compressor & 4 Band full parametric EQ for each Ouput
Room: 12 Types / Multi: 9 Argorithms

User Sample Import
100 Wave or 100 Multi layerd full instruments (Head/Rim/X-Stick - Bell/Bow/Edge)
Length: 320 Mono, 160 Stereo
File Format: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16/24 bit)
USB/internal Memory

Realtime (wav)
File Format: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit)

1280 x 800px TFT
integrated in Touch Display
4 Hardware Dials, Software based

External Memory
external USB

TRIGGER INPUTS: 14 x 1/4" TRRS Socket
MONITOR OUT: 2 x 1/4" TRRS Socket
SPDIF (Stereo) 48 kHz
DIRECT OUT: 8 x 1/4" TRRS Socket
PHONES: 1/4" TRRS Socket
MIX IN: 1/4" TRRS Socket (Sterero)
FOOT SWITCH: 1 x TRRS (2 Channel)

Wireless Connections
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Sampling Rate (Original): 48 kHz
Sampling Rate:  (with Converter): 96 kHz, 44,1 kHz
Recording: 8 Channels
Play: 2 Channels

Power Supply
AC 100V-240V | 50Hz - 60Hz

Electricity Consumption
10 W (IEC 62087),55W (EN60065)

340 (W) x 215 (D) x 91 (H)

3,3 kg

Accessories Included
Owners Manual, (Print)
USB Dongle with Owners Manual and multilingual Quick Start Guide.
4 Mains Cords (Type A,…)





DREAM engineers have been developing chip technology for music applications since 1987. Their highly qualified specialists work in close contact with GEWA developers on all areas of sound, firmware, user interface, and FX programming. Self-developed high-performance processors were modified here several times for the G9. The firmware was completely redesigned to give the user unprecedented new features.


TechniSat was founded in 1987 and originally comes from the home entertainment sector, but is also knowledgeable in creating navigation systems and their touch panels for the automobile industry. A concentrated force of developmental power has been available for the G9 with more than 200 hardware and software engineers working at the company in Dresden, Germany. The chip design and complex firmware connection of the 10” DTI with hundreds of commands requires real specialists to make it seem so simple and intuitive to use. The TechniSat group also owns Techniform, which has more brilliant engineers in its ranks - this time for molding - who have molded and produced the cymbals. The G9 module and cymbals are produced in Schoeneck in Vogtland, which is just a 20 minute car journey from GEWA HQ in Adorf.


Remo D Belli was a percussion pioneer. In 1957, he invented the first successful synthetic Mylar® drumheads, today’s industry standard. For over 60 years, Remo Inc. has constantly and consistently broken new ground when it comes to industry firsts. Ultimately, when it comes to REMOs expertise as a drumhead manufacturer, nothing can touch the technical and musical advantages that Remo Drumheads provide. For decades, REMO has defined the sound of the greatest drummers of all time. The greatest heads in drumming play REMO. 


At Drum Workshop, The Drummer's Choice® is more than a slogan; it's a fact. After more than 45 years of innovation and tireless dedication to improving the way drum products are made, DW drums, pedals and hardware are the standard by which all others are measured. To get there, it takes more than a working knowledge of the instrument or a few good ideas; it takes a true passion for designing and manufacturing the very best.